Wild Apricot Information

PVRA uses Wild Apricot to manage membership. Login at https://pvra36.wildapricot.org to update your information, pay for membership or to accept the pool rules.

Step 1 – Go to https://pvra36.wildapricot.org/ -see screenshots below to assist with logging in to Wild Apricot.

Step 2 – If you are ready to purchase your membership now, click “Join Us” to choose your membership type. The system will recognize your email address on file from last year and ask you to reset your password. You will then update your membership profile and proceed through the application & payment process. If you were not a member previously, you may follow the prompts to create a new membership account.

Step 3 – If you simply want to update your membership profile at this time, select “Log-in” and “Forgot password. Once you reset your password, you will see your membership profile. Please complete all required fields. IMPORTANT: Please be sure to check the box that you have read and accept the Pool Rules. This step is mandatory for ALL members ANNUALLY.

Step 4 – Invoices will be automatically generated at the beginning of January for our March 1st early bird pricing offer. You can view your invoice on-line, at which time you can update your membership profile, accept the pool rules and proceed to payment.

Step 5 – Membership fees can be paid on Wild Apricot through PayPal accounts, PayPal using a credit card, or a check can be mailed to 4347 Cub Run Road Chantilly, Virginia 20153-0172. If mailing a check, please make sure your last name/family name is clear so we know whose account to credit the check to. All PayPal payments will be adjusted to account for transaction fees.

If you have questions while setting things up in Wild Apricot or payment questions, please email info@pvrec.org and someone will help you through the process.

Then select your name to update your information.

Then select Edit Profile to make changes.