COVID-19 Response

As is true for every business, organization, recreational facility, etc. this is not a normal summer. COVID-19 and the mandates regarding safety protocol have greatly affected PVRA finances, staffing, and operational structure. Our goal remains to provide value to our members while maintaining a safe environment during just an incredibly complicated time.


  1. Reservation Only: In order to adhere to Phase 3 social distancing requirements the board has determined all members must reserve time in order to limit the number of patrons at the pool and allow time for effective cleaning. Members receive weekly sign-ups via email the week prior. Please limit your household to 4 slots within the first 48 hours of sign-up release. We have created the following two options to address the different comfort levels:
    • Zone Reservations: 45 minute sessions in which your slot is reserved by a designated zone within the pool and on the pool deck. The zones include: 6 lap lanes, diving well, shallow end, and baby pool. Households may not share these zones with another household; ONLY your household is permitted in the zone.
    • Table Reservations: 90 minute sessions in which your slot is reserved by socially distanced table on the pool, but not the a specific area of the pool. 10 numbered tables are spaced on the pool deck. You legally may not move these tables. Your household is still legally required to maintain a social distance of 10ft as is practical from other households. Please maintain this distance. It is not only considerate of your neighbors, but keeps our pool operating as pools can be shut down by the health department for failing to uphold these regulations set by state of Virginia. See pages 21-22 of the Forward Virginia Phase Three Guidelines for the mandatory compliances for swimming pools.
  2. Increased Cleaning: Cleaning will occur after each session. 15 minutes after each zone reservation and 30 minutes after each table reservation is allotted for guards to wipe down all chairs, tables, and hand rails. Please leave as quickly as possible to allow guards ample time to clean. Daily cleaning restrooms and weekly vacuuming of the pool with allotted time on weekends for additional cleaning. Hand sanitizer is available. To see the protocol lifeguards are instructed to follow click here.
  3. Health Check Forms: Anyone experiencing ANY of the symptoms on the health check form within the past 14 days is not permitted to enter the pool. Anyone who has been in contact with a COVID-19 positive person within the past 14 days is not permitted to enter the pool. Before each visit patrons must complete a health check form online or paper forms are available at the pool.
  4. Facility Changes: Rather than computer check-in through the pool house, patrons will enter through the side gate and sign themselves in on the sign-in sheet. A lifeguard should be present but distanced. Restrooms will be open for emergency use only. Patrons must arrive and leave in their swimwear as changing at the pool house is not allowed.
  5. No Guests: In order to retain slots for a membership and reduce capacity, no patrons may not bring guests at this time. Guest passes purchased in 2020 will be valid for 2021.

Operating Hours:

COVID-19 Phase 3 Hours by Reservation ONLY! Members will receive weekly sign up via email the week prior. Limit your family to 4 sign-ups per membership within the first 48 hours of sign up release. This allows all families to enjoy time at the pool this summer. Thank you!

Operating Hours Effective 7/6/20-7/31/20:

  • Saturday - Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. *Zone Reservations 12-3:45 p.m. Table Reservations 4-7:30 p.m.
  • Monday - Thursday: 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. *All Zone Reservations
  • Friday: 3:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. *Zone Reservations 3-5:45 p.m. Table Reservations 6-7:30 p.m.

Hours beyond 7/31/20 have not been determined. Operational hours are subject to change. Significantly reduced membership sales in 2020 created a necessary reduction in our operating hours. For more information about the board's need to reduce hours from a typical season please view the May Community Meeting Recording and read our updates to the community on page 2 of the July Newsletter and our July 4th Letter to the Members. Meeting minutes are also available on the "Meeting Minutes" section of the site.


Memberships are still available for sale! We greatly appreciate your support and investment in our future. We have a variety of membership options which can be found on the homepage along with the membership request link. Memberships remain a vital source of income for the pool and are a great way to support neighborhood amenities. For those who wish to support the pool or anticipate limited use this summer the "Friends of the Pool" membership level is a great option at only $200 and allows 7 visits per family member (up to 4 household members).

Refunds are not being issued. 2020 memberships cannot be rolled over to 2021. As stated in the May community meeting the pool's finances will not allow for refunds to be issued at the time or potentially at all. We are offering use of the pool in compliance with the state regulations. We understand some are uncomfortable with utilizing the pool this, but we cannot even entertain the idea of refunds at this time. Thank you for your understanding.