For updated 2020 budget information please visits the "Budget Information - 2020" on the pull down menu or click here.

10/28/20: Our treasurer completed 2019-2020 financials, and they have been posted along with additional commentary to our budget page. Elections concluded on 10/26/20. Election information emailed to our membership and announced in the September newsletter. No candidates came forward in September. Board members Chris Delgrosso, Jenn Genus, and John Ferguson ran unopposed, but we still appreciate the many of you who voted and showed your support. Needless to say they have been re-elected . We greatly appreciated their continued willingness to serve our community.

7/7/20: Updates in response to our May community meeting can be found in our July Newsletter on page 2 and in our 7/4/20 Letter to the Members. Oct. 2019-June 2020 Profit and Losses is available on the Budget Information - 2020 Page.

If you have not yet joined for the 2020 swim season, please complete our 2020/2021 Membership Request Form to help determine the membership that best fits your needs. A Board member will follow up with invoicing. If you wish to join for only 2020, complete the form and follow-up with an email to

To preserve the pool amidst all this financial insecurity, we are encouraging those who haven't joined for 2020 to purchase joint 2020/2021 memberships with a monthly payment option that brings the highest priced membership to $76.77 per month ($66.67 for non-2019 members) and the lowest "Friends of the Pool" membership to $28 per month ($24.50 for non-2019 members).

Below is the pricing structure for the Joint 2020/2021 Memberships.

Price List for Non-2019 Members

Joint 2020/2021 Membership Prices

Price List for Returning Members

Joint 2020/2021 Membership Prices