Dear Pleasant Valley neighbors,

The PVRA Board is pleased to share some updates on the 2020 season.

1) Installment billing. For the upcoming season, memberships can be purchased in six equal payments spread out from January through June. The rate table below shows the monthly payment amount for each of our levels of membership. For this service, our billing company will charge users a 2.9% fee plus $0.30 per transaction--the same that PayPal charged. For even our highest-cost family memberships, the surcharge only amounts to $16.30 spread out over six months. The Board felt this was a small price for the convenience of not paying a lump sum, but members who prefer to avoid the surcharge will still have the option to make a single payment. For 2021, members will be able to spread the payments over 12 months to further bring down the monthly charges.

2) Slight rate increases across most membership levels. Below is our membership rate table for 2020. A significant portion of the increase from 2019 is due to the way Memorial Day and Labor Day fall this year, resulting in an additional week of the summer season and a resultant increase in charges from the management company. We are pleased to share that Smart Management Company, whose guards and services were a big hit in 2019, will be returning for 2020.

2020 Rates

3) 25% new membership discount continues. Just like last year, anyone who wasn't a member last summer is eligible for a 25% discount on the 2020 pool membership. Encourage your neighbors and earn five free guest passes as a referral bonus. More memberships improves the pool's financial standing and could allow us to bring down membership fees for 2021. With the six installment payments, a family membership for a non-2019 member can be purchased for only $64.62 per month!

We are especially interested in partnering with the PV Piranhas to bring in more families who can be both pool and swim team members and we had a great joint meeting in December to share ideas. For a fraction of the cost of private swim lessons, our Junior Piranhas get daily swim exposure and instruction at ages as young as four. More to come as we share the benefits of this dual membership with our newer PV families. If anyone is willing to be a “bus stop salesperson” and share your positive swim team experiences, please reach out to

4) Capital campaign details upcoming. Our aging pool and pool grounds have needs that can't and shouldn't be covered by dramatic increases to our membership rates. We will be setting specific goals to fund specific projects and encouraging member and non-member Pleasant Valley families to make contributions that will secure the benefits of a neighborhood pool for many years to come. We are certainly open to member input on what some of the most pressing needs might be.

5) More targeted programming this summer. We recognize that the pool tends to cater predominantly to our families with school-aged children, but we're looking to carve out more time and attention to our other demographic groups. Just a couple ideas that are currently being floated include adult swim hours and late night swims for teens. If you have other ideas, please don't hesitate to send them to and the board will take them under advisement.

6) Trash plan 3.0? Unexpected shifts in waste management costs negated our significant efforts to get a community trash service off the ground in 2019. The board continues to explore ways of creating streams of revenue beyond membership alone while providing a financial benefit to the neighborhood. We welcome other ideas and assistance from you as our time and contacts are limited. Please let us know if you have any ideas by emailing us at

Please keep your eyes peeled for an email in early January when we open enrollment for the 2020 pool season. We're looking forward to our best year yet!


Your neighbors on the PVRA Board: Chris, Jenn, Krystal, Matt, John, Rachel, and Sara

On the PVRA Calendar

Jan 31st - Early Bird Deadline

April 11th - Easter Egg Hunt and 5k Fundraiser (date tentative)

April 18th - Volunteer Pool House Exterior Clean up

April 25th - Yard Sale *still accepting donations!* (date tentative)

May 10th - Volunteer Interior Pool House Clean up