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June 2013 Board Meeting

posted Jun 12, 2013, 11:29 AM by PVRA President   [ updated Feb 4, 2014, 4:53 AM by PVRA Secretary ]
PVRA Board Agenda June 12 2013  7pm at the Pool
Lifeguard Report
Treasurer's Report
Membership Report
    Membership definition of new Couple
    Membership feedback, solicit for new activities
    Membership certificates
Events Report (End of school party coverage and membership incentive?, July 4th coverage and costs, Movie nights)
List of Outstanding Operations Action Items and Issues:
    1. Angela confirm original Health Permit was mailed and give to MA to laminate and post
    2. The toilet paper isn't quite right so we need to decide if there is anything we can do about it. The short width falls off the new holders.
    3. Becky Anderson is looking at repairing the guard stand umbrellas
    4. Are all signs up? Need pics of Doc and Brent, confirm guard pics are up, no glass, monthly calendar (Julie/Nikki)
    5. Monitor the motor and Ben to present parts needed to buy. The USA Pools bid was unaffordable at over $7000
    6. Electric switch at front foyer, electric outlet in pump room. (Brent?)
    7. Ladies middle toilet leaking (Brent)
    8. Label the equipment in the pump room and review the sign there now?  (USA Pools)
    9. Leaks - monitor baby pool and main pool
    10. Caulk - payment and (re)work (USA Pools)
    11. Hot water heater watch list item and budget it for replacement
    12. Shelves for bathroom
    13. Baby changing station
    14. Clean out files (MA)
    15. Handicap paint signs in parking lot
    16. Tether ball repair - do we have the ball?
    17. Grounds - trash pick up, sports court weeding, additional mulch, front bush trimming, parking lot far end clean up as needed
    18. Donated BB stand that is lying in sports court area needs to be filled with water and I was going to bring down another hose to reach it. We also need to add bleach o the water. I was going to see I I had an old ball we weren't using. If someone gets to that first, great.
    19. Water aerobics, ride the keg, early opening for adult swim lanes- want to get some survey or interest form out there for membership input
    20. Rules day - has that happened - do we need it on end of school day?
    21. MA going to food safety workshop on 6/26
    22. Other items?
USA Pools Visit Thursday agenda items:
    Rules day scheduled, Junior lifeguard program, Aerobics classes, etc
    Guard hours on weekends/swim meets/events
    Water bill
    Outstanding invoices
Lifeguard use of the pool - during non working hours
Board Member openings
Surveillance cameras for non working hour
Swim Team items
Walk ons