Pool Rules


The following Rules and Regulations have been adopted by the PVRA Board of Directors. All members of the Association, their families, and guests of members are expected to abide by these Rules. Situations not directly covered by these Rules will be handled by the Board of Directors, Operations Committee Chairperson, or the Pool Manager, as is appropriate. Members may propose changes to these Regulations, and such proposals will be considered by the board and weighed against the overall interests of the membership. These Rules and Regulations may be revised at any time by the Board of Directors. A copy of the current Rules and Regulations will be posted in a public place within the PVRA facilities. The pool management staff will also, upon request supply members with a current copy of the Rules and Regulations. Members taking issue with the establishment of, revision of, or interpretation of these Rules and Regulations, may submit a proposal to be considered by the full membership at its next annual meeting. The proposal shall be made in accordance with the Association By-Laws Article XVII.


  1. The Board liaison for Operations (Operations Chairperson) is responsible for protecting Association property and facilities and monitoring the performance of the pool management staff. The Board of Directors has delegated such powers to the Operations Chairperson as are necessary to performing these functions.
  2. The pool management staff is responsible for the safe and orderly operation of the pool. Any matter requiring immediate action should be brought to the attention of the pool manager. The pool manager and assistant pool manager have the authority at any time to eject members or guest from the pool enclosure. Such actions will be reported as soon as practical to the Operations Chairperson, or to the Board members designated as backups.
  3. Serious or repeated infractions of these Rules, or any concerns of the pool management staff, are to be reported to the Operations Chairperson, or the Board members designated as backups. Such items will be acted on by the Board as appropriate.
  4. Members with any comments or complaints about the operation of the Association's facilities should direct them to any Board member.


  1. For identification and admission purposes, membership cards of all family members four (4) years of age or older, will be issued by PVRA. Member IDs should be presented upon entry of the pool.
  2. Nonmember baby sitters, fourteen (14) years and older, may be admitted to the pool with a note of authorization from a member parent.


  1. A Guest is defined as any nonmember of the Association 4 years of age and older, who uses Association facilities or attends Association functions. Guests may be sponsored by individual members (as defined below) or during open house activities scheduled by the Board of Directors.
  2. Nonmembers who own property in the Pleasant Valley subdivision shall not be admitted as guests except for 1) authorized baby sitters as stated in Section 2 and 2) during special functions as stated in Section 12.
  3. The Board of Directors reserve the right to set and charge Guest fees for use of the Association facilities. The Board also reserves the right to limit the number of Guests per member family at one time, for the protection of all members.
  4. Pool Guests will be required to sign in daily. The member will also sign as the Guest's sponsor. Guests must be accompanied at all times by the sponsoring member.
  5. Members shall be responsible for the conduct of their Guests and will be held responsible for any damage to Association property. If a Guest damages Association property, the costs to repair such damage shall be charged to the member.


  1. The pool will be open during the operating season at various hours while public schools are still in session, on weekends, and on holidays. between 11:00AM and 8:00PM daily. While public schools are still in session, the pool hours on weekdays will be 4:00PM and 8:00PM. The pool will be open until 9:00PM on Fridays and Saturdays.
  2. The tennis courts will be open in conjunction with the pool hours.


  1. The pool will be closed when 1) the water temperature drops below 69; or 2) there is lightning or approaching storm in the area; or 3) there is enough rainfall to cause distraction to the guards in their chairs (for example, hail or enough rainfall that clouds the water in the pool preventing the guards from seeing the bottom of the pool facility.
  2. The pool manager, or his assistant, have the authority to close the pool in any situation where health and safety of users is in question. They also have the responsibility to reopen the pool when inclement weather clears (if there is sufficient time left in the day to use the pool). Criteria for reopening the pool will be posted at the entrance to the pool facility.


  1. All persons are required to wear proper bathing attire and take a shower prior to entering the pool.
  2. Food and drink may only be consumed in designated areas.
  3. Glass containers are not permitted on Association property.
  4. Admission may be refused to all persons having colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, infections, open sores, or wearing bandages.
  5. No pets are permitted on Association property.
  6. All trash must be placed in the containers provided for that purpose.
  7. Spitting, spouting of water, and similar unhygienic actions are not permitted.
  8. No smoking will be permitted anywhere inside the pool house or within the fenced areas.


  1. When a diver surfaces, he will immediately clear out of the diving area.
  2. Divers will not begin their dives until the previous diver has cleared the area below the board.
  3. Excessive bouncing is prohibited.
  4. Horseplay on the diving board is prohibited.
  5. General swimming is not permitted in the diving area unless authorized by pool manager.
  6. Diving from the edges of the pool in the diving area is prohibited unless authorized by the pool manager.
  7. All diving from the board must be forward and not from the side of the board.


  1. In order to prevent excessive fatigue or chilling, children fifteen (15) years of age and younger are required to leave the main pool, upon signal of the lifeguards, for a fifteen (15) minute period each hour. These rest periods are not applicable to the wading pool.
  2. All children ten (10) years of age or under must be accompanied to the pool by a responsible person who shall remain within easy reaching distance of the child. A responsible person is considered as any swimmer fourteen (14) years or older.
  3. Children ages eleven (11) through fifteen (15) may come swimming unaccompanied only after demonstrating their ability to swim by passing a staff-supervised test. In no other instance will children under eleven (11) years of age be permitted to come swimming unaccompanied.
  4. All children in diapers using the pools must wear plastic or rubber pants over clean diapers. Disposable diapers are prohibited. The pool staff shall have the discretion to exclude children whose plastic/rubber pants are inadequate. (If this rule is not observed, closing the pool for a complete re-filtering, requiring six (6) hours or more, is necessary according to health regulations)
  5. Children six (6) years or older and those children who normally swim in the main pool are not permitted to use the wading pool.
  6. All children using the wading pool must be accompanied by a responsible person who must remain within the wading pool enclosure.
  7. The responsible person must be within reach of the child while the child is in the pool unless the child has passed the swim test administered by a member of the pool staff.


  1. No balls, bats, or other types of aquatic equipment are permitted in the main pool, except on specific approval of the pool manager.
  2. All swimmers must wear appropriate bathing suits; no cutoff jeans or similar clothing will be allowed. Street shoes are not permitted on the pool deck.
  3. Running, pushing, wrestling, dunking, or causing undue disturbance in and around the pool area is prohibited.
  4. Chewing gum is prohibited on all Association property.
  5. Abusive, offensive, and profane language will not be tolerated.
  6. No alcoholic beverages are permitted anywhere on the Association premises, including the parking area, except when approved by the Board in connection with adult social activities. Persons visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied admission to Association property.
  7. All bicycle riders will park their bicycles in the area designated for that purpose.
  8. No skateboards are allowed on Association property.
  9. All members will respect the property rights of homeowners of the community. Please do not use lawns for shortcuts or in any way violate the rights of others.
  10. No one shall use the pool unless it is officially open and the lifeguards are on duty. Any member violating this rule shall be subject to revocation of pool privileges. Any person trespassing on Association property may be subject to prosecution.
  11. All injuries which occur on the premises must be reported immediately to the pool manager. The cost of damage to the Association property will be charged to the member responsible. The Association will not be responsible for loss of or damage to personal property.


  1. It is requested that members park on the Association parking lot and refrain from parking on the street whenever possible.
  2. Overnight parking is prohibited on the parking lot throughout the year.


  1. Only active members and their Guests may use the tennis and multipurpose courts (Guests are defined in Section 3 of these rules).
  2. Proper attire shall be worn at all times and players must observe proper etiquette while on the courts. Only tennis footwear may be worn on the tennis court surface.
  3. Abuse or misuse of the courts shall be grounds for revocation of playing provisions by the Board.
  4. No wheeled vehicles, including but not limited to bikes, skateboards, roller skates, etc. are allowed within the perimeter of the fence. Baby strollers may be brought inside the fence, but shall not be placed on the playing surface.
  5. Playing time shall be limited to one (1) hour for singles play and one and a half hours for doubles. However, play may extend beyond that time only if no other players wish to use the courts. After the time limit has expired, players must surrender the court on demand. When players are waiting to use the courts, doubles matches are encouraged.
  6. Adult times shall be established as Monday through Friday, 5:00PM to 9:00PM, and all day Saturday and Sunday. During these times, persons eighteen (18) years or older shall have preference for use of the courts. At all other times, court use will be on a "first come first serve" basis
  7. Use of the tennis court is for tennis only. No other games or activities are permitted.
  8. The tennis court shall not be used when wet. This is for the members protection as well as limiting the Association's liability for injuries.


  1. The Board of Directors may from time to time schedule the use of Association facilities for special functions. Members may also schedule use of the Association facilities as specially authorized in the by-laws. Nonmembers whom own property in Pleasant Valley Subdivision may attend such functions as appropriate.
  2. The Board of Directors can schedule and hold a reasonable number of "open house" events at the request of the membership committee. No more than three (3) such events can be held in any given operation season.
  3. The Board of Directors can schedule "social activities" for the members of the Association. A Social Committee established by the Board of Directors will plan and recommend activities. The Membership Committee may propose combining "open" activities with planned social functions within the guidelines of Section 12, Part B. Any fees associated with social activities will be determined by the Board.
  4. Members can schedule use of the Association facilities for private parties as authorized by the by-laws. Private parties are scheduled by the PVRA Social Committee and approved by the Board. Members may be changed a nominal fee to offset cost of utilities and other operation expenses. Members will also be required to make a $50 deposit. This will be returned to the member, if 1) the party is canceled due to inclement weather, or 2) the member leaves the facilities in reasonable condition after the party, e.g., chairs stacked, trash picked up and disposed of properly, and so on. Members are responsible for paying and required life guarding fees as determined by the pool management company. A minimum of two guards is required for the first 25 people. Current rates and requirements are available from the pool manager or any member of the Board.
  5. Members can request use of Association facilities for special functions during normal operating hours (birthday parties, scout activities, church activities, and so on). Permission to hold these functions will be decided by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis. Nominal fee or deposit may be required. The Board will permit these functions only in cases where 1) the function does not interfere with the normal use of the facilities by the membership, and 2) in the Board's opinion, allowing the function is in the best interest of the Association.