2013-09-11 Minutes

Post date: Sep 12, 2013 5:18:33 PM

In attendance: Mary Ann Cox, Julie Zanotti, Doc and Liz King, Brent and Becky Anderson, Noelle Bridgman-Wile, James Zenyuh, Ron Smith, Dan Bluntzer, Tom Dill, Scott Gorvett

The symbol => indlicates an action item

President’s Report - Mary Ann presented the attached report

Treasurer's Report - Angela presented the Treasurer's report and will send that out separate copy

Operations Report

Main chlorinator - Brent discussed options for replacing the main chlorinator with a tablet fed system (in lieu of liquid). Est cost to replace with a tablet system will be approx $400 with $153/bucket of tablets and estimating we would use $200-300/month of chemicals (including ash) during the summer. We will decide later after Brent finds more information on how much liquid chemicals we use,

New Motor and hot water heater - We briefly discussed that we need to replace the motor next year (est $2500). Ben Cox and Brent throughly reseached this during the year and if we budget we can plan to install. For sure we need to replace the hot water.

=> Dan Bluntzer agreed to look into NOVEC's hot water heaters that they sell that may be a good option for us.

Pool Closing Administrative and Winterization efforts - Brent treated the pool after USA Pools closed it and has it set until February at which time he will return to add more chemicals to have it more prepared for opening. We discussed next year that we can wait until we shut off the water until later in Oct and early Nov if we feel the weather will hold.

Antifreeze for bathrooms (Mary Ann to confirm that USA Pools is going to complete this task in the bathrooms per the contract),

=> Brent is developing a closing and opening checklist which will go over what Brent and USA Pools just accomplished in closing and what we need to do to open. If we take on some of these tasks ourselves we can save money on our pool management services contract.

=> Before opening next year we need to investigate whether the tennis ball that was accidently sent down the pipe into the men's room needs to be removed so that methane gases are properly vented.

Pool cover

Brent is pricing covers for the pool which will help us better maintain and protect the pool. One bid for a high end cover was $11K.

Other items:

Keys (=> Mary Ann to contact USA Pools to get their keys and request combo for lock box as combo she was given isn't working), locks (=> MA to change on Friday), phone and wireless (=> Brent request to turn off), water (=>Julie request to turn off), extra refrigerator (Still need a taker).

Furntiture inventory - Julie presented the pool furniture inventory, the schematic that shows the pool deck placement we used this summer, and recommendations for replacement needs for next year. +> Julie to update it to include final recomendations and replacement costs as Swim Team has offered to purchase something for the pool (Thanks Becky!). Julie contacted Criterion for information and suggests we make any purchases before Dec '13 as the prices are best before the new year.

Events Report - Julie handed out an events report that detailed all of our activities for the year.

Membership status - We will discuss in Oct new ideas and revisit previous ideas on what we should target out membership drive and options should be in the upcoming year.

New Management Contract - We have received proposals from US Acquatics and have solicited bids from USA Pools, Atlantic, and Crystal Acquatics. We expect bids from all 3.

New Grant Award –

Mandatory meeting 9/24 6:30pm 1200 Government Center Pkwy Conf Room 9/10 - Doc King will represent us.

Eagle Scout interest, plans for caulking - Mary Ann will follow up with this valuable resource. Brent suggested one project may be the volleyball area. We need to get started on the caulking project before the next board meeting and this resource may be helpful although we want to keep the resources managed as the caulking needs are specialized.

Open items - Scott Gorvett gave us ideas to consider in developing a 3 year strategic plan and in drawing addition revenue through a new access fee targeted to all PV residents. We invited Scott to come back to a meeting to discuss his thoughts in detail.

Election Results - Angela will send out a formal ballot this week to all members to cast their votes for the 2013/2014 Board.