2013-08-14 Minutes

Post date: Sep 9, 2013 2:42:22 PM

In attendance: Mary Ann Cox, Doc and Liz King, Brent Anderson, Julie Zanotti, Becky Anderson, Tom Dill, Ron Smith, Austin Knies, Will Craig

Guard status - Austin and Will reported that they were manually adding chlorine and shocking the pool every night. The Main Pool chlorinator is getting air bubbles and is not appearing to be working properly. Brent is looking into replacing it before next season with a tablet chlorinator. Est $192. The guards also reported the breaker needs resetting in the morning. Toilet paper and paper towels are in stock. The Fire Marshall inspected last week with no issues.

Treasurer's Report - Angela was absent but submitted her report prior to the meeting which was reviewed at the meeting.

Operations Report - Brent reported that the Halogen lights were replaced with LED to save money on the front and side of the pool house at a cost of approx $300. We are still looking at the possibility of replacing the pool motor in the off season. We should caulk before winter provided we are awarded the grant funding or can find funds to commit to that. In addition we need confirmation on turning off the water at the street.

Events Report - Low turnout at the Caribbean night. The teen movie night was unsuccessful. Lord of the Rings trilogy is planned for Aug 22-24. Cars 2 is Aug 17th. Labor Day weekend we are planning a host of activities: a pot luck Sat night, movie night with Cloudy with a Change of Meatballs showing, Sunday games, and Monday water ball volleyball, games, bbq chicken and hotdogs with rootbeer floats and sno cones at concessions. Dog swim at 7:00pm when the pool closes.

Membership status - In the off season, we should look at direct payments at the bank to avoid members from having to pay a PalPay fee and possibly allow more payment plan options. 2 new memberships joined.

Winterization efforts (uh the pool season is almost over!) - Brent will discuss at the next board meeting our winterization plans that need to be done outside of the pool management companies efforts to include adding chemicals during the off season to keep algae low.

Insurance renewal discount - we received a 20% discount on our insurance as we conducted market research to negotiated a better rate with our existing insurance company.

Annual Meeting Plans - We decided to hold the annual meeting Sept 11, 2013 at 7:30pm at the pool. The annual meeting announcement per the bylaws must be announced by Aug 27th as it is no less than 15 days prior to Sept 11th and not more than 30 days. Election results will be announced then. New Board nominations are due Aug 29th with Angela and Doc leading that effort. We are missing 10 email addresses for members but elections will be conducted via email as we have not seen a large response to elections in the past several years and sending nominations via US Post Office will be expensive compared to the responsiveness we've seen.

New Management Contract - Julie volunteered to contact more companies as we search for the new pool management company to include soliciting our current USA Pools management company under contract. Mary Ann will send certified letter per the contract to USA Pools to inform them we will not automatically renew the contract as we are uncertain what the new contract price would be (the contract terms state that the price could increase 10% which would be an additional $4950).

Open items. - The Swim Team has graciously offered to contribute funds to purchase something needed for the pool. We briefly discussed new umbrellas or chairs and will follow up with Becky once we complete the inventory as we lost a few umbrellas and chairs this season due to wear and tear and improper use.

If any of these minutes are inaccurate or missing content or you have questions, please send email with comments to info@pvrec.org

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Cox - PVRA President