2013-07-09 Board Meeting Minutes

Post date: Jul 15, 2013 2:18:09 PM

Attendees: Mary Ann Cox, Brent Anderson, Julie Zanotti, Angela Merino, Doc King, Ron Smith, Taylor (Guard Mgr)

Treasurer: Angela presented the current Treasurer's report. We also reviewed 11 recent USA Pool invoices which Mary Ann has the action to follow up with USA Pools as some charges were not correct.

Membership: We are $2900 below last year's membership totals. We will offer new members an August Special where their one time membership fee of $250 can be split. $125 now and $125 before next Memorial Day in addition to the yearly fees for August which will be: Family: $175, Couple $125, Single $75. So total payment in August would be: Family $300, Couple $250, Single $200. Payment will be accepted at the pool. This will not be offered through PayPal. We will target new families who have moved into the neighborhood. Mary Ann made the first motion, Julie 2nd and all members voted Yay, none opposed. We may consider next year asking all PV residents to pay $10/month or $120 for a very limited usage at the pool - holidays and perhaps 1 week.

Events: Bingo is a go with PVNC for Friday July 12th starting at 6:30pm and late night swim on Sat July 13th from 9-11pm. Movie night is scheduled for Jul 20th. Mary Ann will put a suggestion box at the desk for ideas. We are also looking to have the guards run games the first week of August like we did last year for the Olypics. There is an adult night scheduled Aug 10th with PVNC.

Operations: Ron said Sue would look at the guard umbrella in the guard house that could use repair. Brent is still looking at the cell tower project for additional revenue. It may also be possible to lease space to YMCA. We are still planning on replacing the motor and pump in the off season after we review our financial forecast. We need to review the costs for winterization and determine how much we can do ourselves.

Pool Management: Our contract will be expiring at the end of the year and we are developing a requirements sheet to solicit to prospective companies. We have found local pools like ours in size and membership manage their own pools. We have a list of 10 companies to contact.

Board Openings: There are 2 openings and Julie presented a list of responsibilities under each position to help break down the roles and spread it across many people.

2014 NEPP - We successfully submitted our grant application seeking a $5000 grant to replace the hot water heater, reapair caulking, outdoor furniture, upgrade electrical infrastructure, reapir sidewalk, and clean grounds. We should hear late August if we win any funding.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm after a 7pm start.

Respectfully submitted - Mary Ann Cox, President.