2013-06-12 Board Meeting Minutes + 2013-06-13 USA Pools Meeting Minutes

Post date: Jul 15, 2013 3:15:26 PM

I apologize for the late posting

The Board meeting June 12 2013 7pm at the Pool

Attendees: Mary Ann Cox, Julie Zanotti, Doc King, Brent Anderson, Angela Merino, Rick Stakel (Swim Team Coach), Kim Kost (Swim Team Rep), Becky Anderson (Swim Team Rep), Taylor Allen (Guard Mgr)

Lifeguard Report - In the evening, the lights trip the breaker which the chlorinator runs off so Taylor needs to run the chlorinator again in the morning. She is monitoring the baby pool levels as they are appearing to run low.

Treasurer's Report - Angela presented the June report and the latest membership numbers.

Membership Report -

Membership definition of new Couple - the board retained the membership definition of couples being 2 adults over the age of 21 and may consider lowering that number to 18 next year.

Membership feedback, solicit for new activities

Membership certificates - we need to send members a certificate in the future as soon as we have bandwidth and preferably another board member to help with the workload.

Events Report (End of school party will include hot dogs, nachos, and snocones. Our membership incentive if new members join on June 18th they will save $100, We reviewed the plans for July 4th and upcoming Movie nights.

We reveiwed the list of Outstanding Operations Action Items and Issues:

1. Angela confirm original Health Permit was mailed and give to MA to laminate and post - DONE

2. The toilet paper isn't quite right so we need to decide if there is anything we can do about it. The short width falls off the new holders. DONE we have inserted dowels.

3. Reparing the guard stand umbrellas - the chair company has kindly given us new tips which corrects many of the issues. Some umbrellas still need stiching which we will ask Sue Smith and Becky Anderson to help us.

4. All signs are up. Need pics of Doc and Brent. Guard pics are up,. No glass, monthly calendar (JThanks ulie/Nikki)

5. Monitor the motor and Ben to present parts needed to buy. The USA Pools bid was unaffordable at over $7000

6. Electric switch at front foyer, electric outlet in pump room. OPEN

7. Ladies middle toilet leaking DONE (Thanks Brent!)

8. Label the equipment in the pump room (USA Pools) - OPEN

9. Leaks - monitor baby pool and main pool - Appears to be in check.

10. Caulk - payment and (re)work (USA Pools) - Met with USA Pools on 6-13-13 (see below)

11. Hot water heater watch list item and budget it for replacement - OPEN

12. Shelves for bathroom - 2014

13. Baby changing station - 2014

14. Clean out files (MA) - OPEN

15. Handicap paint signs in parking lot - OPEN

16. Tether ball repair - DONE (Thanks Brent!)

17. Grounds - trash pick up, sports court weeding, additional mulch, front bush trimming, parking lot far end clean up as needed. ONGOING

18. Donated BB stand that is lying in sports court area is up and working (THANKS DOC!)

19. Water aerobics, ride the keg, early opening for adult swim lanes- want to get some survey or interest form out there for membership input (OPEN)

20. Rules day - (DONE)

21. MA and Liz King going to food safety workshop on 6/26 (DONE)

22. Brent to change the lock location on the pump room door so Mary Ann can install the new lock for the pump room (DONE)

Lifeguard use of the pool - during non working hours - Guards may not use the pool if they are not on the schedule if they are not members. The Board approved a special Guard membership price of $49 for a single guard with one guest day. All other guest passes and rules (guests may not be PV residents) are the same for this Guard membership as it is for every PVRA membership.

Board Member openings - the Board votes (Angela made the motion and Mary Ann 2nd) with all Board members voting Yay and non opposing to remove Jakki Stagg from the board as she has not attended a board meeting since October. We now have 2 board openings.

Surveillance cameras for non working hour - the board agreed that because of some off hours trespassing that Brent may from time to time turn on surveillance camers after hours. Mary Ann subsequently posted this on the web site.

Swim Team items - Rick Stakel was approved to conduct swim lessons from 10-11am at the pool. All non PV Residents must use a guest pass. We will sell Guest Passes to Rick at a special price of 10 for $20 as he has many new and hopefully prospective new members taking lessons. Mary Ann asked that the swim team lane line reels be removed from away from the pump room door and trash can area so the cans can be easily rolled out to the curb. Placing them to the left of the pump room door is fine. The Swim team also asked about the possibility of installing a gate at the fence between the grassy area and the diving board which will help foot traffic at the meets.

Newletter input for July (calendar, vandelism, 2 board openings)

To pave the parking lot we will received a quote which is out of our current budget plans but may be useful for the 2014 grant submission. We expect is to be $12,000-19,000 to redo the parking lot correctly.

Walk ons


USA Pools Visit 6-13-13 Thursday with Sean Legg and George Kibbee (Regional Mgr)

Training - George will conduct further training with the guards to ensure they know the correct procedures and operations of PV's pool

Caulk - Sean and George agreed the work to date is not in line with the contract, additional caulking needs to be done and in places redone. The calculation runs short of what was done vs the invoice price so the 50% paid to date covers the work that has been completed the remaining amount on the invoice is not due at this time until the work is completed to our satisfaction per the contract.

Marketing - Sean offered us a moon bounce and dj for the last day of schoool party to attract new members and in exchange for loss of water as a result of the opening of the pool issues. We asked that in lieu of the DJ we are credited $150 towards the water bill. We estimated $800 loss of water. Julie provided an excellent detailed list of gallons used per the water company.

Rules day scheduled, Junior lifeguard program, Aerobics classes, etc - all can be done on the USA Pools web site if we choose to do so.

Guard hours on weekends/swim meets/events - Julie submitted a detailed review the list of hours we are short due to the reduced number of guards availabile at the start of the pool season in addition to the hours stated in the contract to ensure that any extra hours we need for the guards for late night swim and swim team are offset.

Outstanding invoices - we asked if there are any open invoices pending and were not given any indication any are coming (We subsequently received 9 new invoices)

Respectfully submitted - Mary Ann Cox