2013-05-08 Board Meeting Minutes

Post date: Jul 15, 2013 2:30:56 PM

I apoligize for the late posting.

Board meeting held at the Pleasant Valley Pool on Wed May 8th 2013. In attendance: Mary Ann Cox, Julie Zanotti, Angela Merino, Doc King, Becky Anderson (Swim Team Rep).

Treasurer's Report: Angela presented the May Treasurer's report and the state of membership totals.

Membership: After Tues May 28th members who have not renewed their membership will be charged a $25 late fee. Julie made the motion and Angela 2nd. All voted Yay, none opposed. Mary Ann to ask Tom to update the membership page on PayPal to correct the Guest Passes fee as it didn't include the PayPal charge and add the late fee.

Operations: Julie made a motion and Angela 2nd with all the Board voting Yay and none opposed to spend up to $700 to buy a new motor for the pool. We also reviewed a lengthy opening list of activities that needs to be completed prior to the pool opening. The list included the new check in system and planned walk through with Tom Dill, the need for guest passes and concession cards (Niki has volunteered to help), opening day events, membership notebook and new member forms, Operations efforts needed (pool leak detection, health and fire permits, plumbing issues in the bathrooms, light by sport court, test kit, first aid, hazmat kits, caulking project, phone hook up, lock box installation, bathroom remodel items such as floor mats, paint/seal new benches in girls room, lights in boys room, outdoor picnic bench top replacement, guard room items such as reconnecting and cleaning fridges, sound system reconnect, clean and return swim team trophy case - just to name a few :)

Respecfully Submitted - Mary Ann Cox, PVRA President