2012-12-12 Minutes

Post date: Dec 14, 2012 3:27:14 AM

In attendance: Board Members: Mary Ann Cox, Angela Merrino, Julie Zanotti, Doc King, Keith Alaman. PVRA Member Becky Anderson, Invited guest Sean Legg USA Pools. Meeting started at 7:30PM and ended close to 11:00PM

Contract Management Company bids:

We have received 4 competitive bids for the management of the pool for the 2013 season. Sean from USA Pools was present to address questions from his company's bid. We spent 7:30PM-9:00 discussing the contract proposal. All 4 of the proposals are scanned and posted on the Board's private web page and are available for all PVRA members upon request. All PVRA members were invited to review the bids. Invitations to review were on the web page as well as the FaceBook.

USA Pools will be sending us an adendum to adjust the initial bid. The board met after Sean left to discuss the pricing and evaluation considerations across the bids and will be making a decision before the end of the month.

Membership fees:

Membership Chair Doc King presented the membership plan for 2013. After much discussion Julie made a motion and Keith seconded. All members voted "Yea" to pass the following:

One time fees will be reduced to $125 for new members who pay by April 15th

Rates will be the same as 2012 for regular memberships

2012 Membership rates:

Family - $475

Senior Family - $430

Couple - $375

Senior Couple - $340

Single - $200

Senior Single - $182.50

Senior rates have changes to 10% off the regular membership rates

3 payment plan will be on 2012 rates if and will be paid by April 15th payable Feb 15, Mar 15, Apr 15

Family - $166 (x3)

Senior Family - $149.67 (x3)

Couple - $133 (x3)

Senior Couple - $116 (x3)

Single - $73 (x3)

Senior Single - $66 (x3)

After April 15th the new 2013 rates and $250 one time membership fee are in place

2013 Membership rates:

Family - $498

Senior Family - $449

Couple - $399

Senior Couple - $348

Single - $219

Senior Single - $198

New Chairs:

Mary Ann made a motion, Angela seconded. All members voted "Yea" to pass that we will purchase at the total of $1345+taxes. $75 shipping to purchase 16 new green highly durable resin chairs, which would lead us to have 30 chairs at the pool towards the 52 total we need according to a draft skematic Julie drafted), 3 existing chairs restraped at a price of $34 each, and 8 lounges restraped at a cost of $56.70 each. (New straped chairs would have costs $83/each which we didn't vote for). We will purchase these from the same company we have dealt with in the past and by ordering these before the end of the year we save 5%. Thanks Julie for all the hard work of going down to the pool, meeting the company, performing an inspection and inventory of every chair and lounge at the pool, determining which chairs and lounges are broken and whether they can be repaired, developing the "skematic" to determine the total number of chairs and lounges we need, brining the resin chair to the church for our meeting to inspect, and ordering what we voted on. That was a lot of work and time dedicated to PVRA and we appreciate it!

Angela presented the December treasury report and although we didn't have time to review each line item we have the records. Angela will be sending us the cost compariosn of the 4 contract bids for the pool management company, and sending the payment for the pool partitions.

We received $2000 towards our $4000 of Grant funds for the pool project. Once the partitions are paid for, scheduled for delivery, Ben Cox will inspect the packaging and install the new partitions. We will scheduling the painting in the spring. Julie will speak to the County about extending the project end date past March so we can include the painting in the project.