2012-11-14 Minutes

Post date: Nov 20, 2012 3:15:57 AM

In attendance: Keith (Operations), Julie (Events), Doc (Membership), Angela (Treasurer), Mary Ann (President), Steve (ClearBlue), Becky Anderson (Swim Team and PVRA Member)

Treasurer's Report:

Angela presented the Nov Treasurer's report (Thanks Angela!)

Next meeting we will review and approve the 2013 Budget - baselining this years and showing an increase in sewage fees and higher water rates (Thanks Keith for saving PVRA over $800 on a billing error!)

Pool projects:

Furniture - Julie presented her research on the new pool furniture we could purchase to add much needed chairs and eventually lounges - she shared with us a rough "skematic". She will contact the vendor who sells resin chairs that come in sets of 16 to present one of the chairs. The restrapping and rewelding of existing furniture is not cost effective. We need an all hands on deck to go through all of the furniture we have and dispose of unsafe/unsalvagable furniture and remove straps to scrap the aluminum for nominal revenue. (Thanks Julie!)

MA has 2 picnic tables being donated, a grill, and a ping pong table.

Bathroom renovation - MA reported that the $2K invoice was submitted which is 1/2 of the grant proposal. She owes Julie pics that she posted on FB which we need to send them with the final invoice. MA posted paint samples at the fall festival and received some input on color. We have to wait until spring to paint because of the temperatures and wanting it not to dip below 50degrees. The partitions are in at a cost of $2735 and they are sending Julie an invoice which she will forward to Angela. Once paid, Julie will coordinate a delivery and notify Ben Cox who is going to install them.

Operations - The pool has been winterized for the season (do not use the toilets) and water has been shut off. Julie covered the toilets (Thanks Julie!).

Caulking - Keith and Doc will meet Steve on the pool deck tomorrow 11/15/12 to review the caulking needs. At the meeting Steve reviewed his survey of the pool deck and said there were several hundred feet that needs to be recaulked. If we did all it would be over 900 ft at $6.75/ft - $6095. He has broken it down for us to prioritize based on our limited funds. (Since the meeting Doc and Keith did meet and Doc sent out notes from the walk around - waiting for a motion to move forward as recommended)

New Management Contract - MA reported that solicitations are out for new management bids. ClearBlue is a candidate as well and has agreed to renew at 1.5% increase over last year's rate. It does not look like we will have a decision by Dec 1 on the 2013 contractor and therefore MA will notify ClearBlue as our current contract will renew if we do not notify ClearBlue by Dec 1. (This action was completed 11/19/12).

Membership - Doc led us through options at new membership ideas to spark renewal and new members. At the Dec meeting he will present his ideas so we can finalize our membership drive and pricing and start the payment plan in January. We will ask Tom Dill for assistance on PayPal as needed. (Thanks Doc!)

Communication - Julie volunteered to be lead on the newsletter input which is due after each board meeting (Thanks Julie!).