2012-09-27 Minutes

Post date: Oct 9, 2012 9:30:11 AM

Here are my notes from the meeting - Jakki please add yours...

In attendance Angela Merino, Jakki Staggs, Doc King, Mary Ann Cox, Keth Allman, Julie Zanotti, Mike Graham. We decided and aligned on the following roles: Mary Ann Cox (President), Mike Graham (Vice President), Secretary (Jakki Staggs), Treasurer (Angela Merino), Membership (Doc King), Operations (Keth Allman), Events (Julie Zanotti).

Action Items and Notes:

  1. PVNC Newsletter Input is due Oct 10th
  2. Angela will give Keith and Doc keys at the Oct 10th meeting
  3. Mary Ann will send a helpful hint doc on the Web pages and accounts to get Keith and Doc set up as membership@pvnc.org for Doc and operations@pvnc.org for Keith
  4. Jakki to stop the phone and maybe stope the wireless for Verizon
  5. Keith to contact the Water company on the high increase in the bill
  6. Angela to contact Steve from ClearBlue on the outstanding balance and reconcile on charges we don't believe are accurate (e.g., was the urinal repair charge in Aug the same as July, was the light fixed, teen and party charges should be removed, rate should be lower).
  7. Mike and Keith to discuss Maintenance Contract at the next meeting and have info on how to pursue for new contract. Prospects are ClearBlue, Winkler, NVPool. Aiming to get bids in November and awarded in December so we can establish rates in December and get membership announcements out in January for all and include payment plan option and possibly new membership types.
  8. MA to meet Angela at BB&T Bank on Sept 29th 9am to add Mary Ann to account. Niki has already been removed.
  9. Pool bathroom project: MA updated that the board that the partitions have been removed. The following Sat MA filled large gaps on the floor next to the walls with cement. Next steps are powerwash, caulk, paint, hang new partitions which have been ordered. The weekend following the board meeting, MA also provided paint samples to Julie to share with the board at the next meeting.