2012-07-13 Minutes

Post date: Jul 14, 2012 7:57:39 PM

The Board meeting took place on 12 Jul 2012 at 7:30pm at the pool

In attendance: Board Members: Scott Miller, Niki Pierson, Mary Ann Cox, Julie Zanotti, Mike Graham. Absent Board Members: Angela Merino, Jakki Staggs. Other members in attendance: Becky Anderson, Kim Kost, Michael, Craig

The board reviewed 3 ClearBlue invoices: #20448 ($4605 - valid and should be paid) #20475 ($11,500 - valid and should be paid) #20482 ($1302.57 the next day confirmed as valid and should be paid with Swim Team covering guard costs for extra swim meet time).

We discussed meeting again with the Treasurer to review the Treasurer's report that was handed out but not presented. We want to confirm membership income earned since the last meeting and confirm the yard sales funds are included in the actuals for June under $2899.50.

Mary Ann made a motion and Julie 2nd to offer new membership for the month of August for 1/3 the cost. Scott and Nikki voted YAY, Mike NAY and the motion carried.

New members will pay $125 for 1/2 of the new one time membership and if they join next year will be the remaining 1/2 or $125.

So in addition to the $125 this year (and $125 next year) as a one time fee, the 1/3 Aug membership:

Family Membership = $163 (+$125) = $288

Single Adult = $68.70 (+$125) = 193.70

Couple Adult = $128.72 (+$125) = $253.72

Senior Family = $147.59 + ($125) = $272.59

Senior Adult Couple = $116.72 (+$125) = $241.72

Senior Single = $62.70 (+$125) = $187.70

Niki offered to update the PayPal site and advertise. Mary Ann will follow up to support.

EVENTS - Julie has offered to run some fun events at the Pool the first 2 weeks of August. The PVRA Olympics is set for 4pm each day. Julie sent a subsequent schedule and we really appreciate the fun in store for the members. We are also having weekend events which she also established dates for after the meeting. Teen night, family movie nights, and an adult social night. Concessions will be sold. We also wil be hosting a movie night showing ICE AGE 3 Jul 14th starting at 9pm in the sports court area. Pizza preorders were taken and concessions will also be sold.

Look for FB updates, signs at the pool, emails, website updates. Spread the word!

SWIM TEAM - Scott discussed the Clear Pool manager Steve Graham's concern that we need an extra life guard at the Divisionals Jul 28th based on the rules/regs. The cost is $125. Scott made a motion for PVRA to pay the additional $125. No one 2nd. Kim and Becky will take the information back and discuss. Piranhas parents will clean the bathrooms and monitor the trash until the 2nd guard arrives at 11am.

COUNTY GRANT - Mike received the final quote for the power coat metal bathroom stalls which will be purchased using the $4000 grant money we received this year. Total price for materials is $2581.30. We can use the $1318.70 for other efforts on the grant submissions. There is a 6-8 week lead time. Mary Ann made a motion to purchase the materials. Mike 2nd. Nikki and Julie voted YAY, Scott NAY. Motion carried. We will store the materials when they arrive on the pool grounds and determine the schedule and lead effort at a later time. There was concerns this could not be done prior to the pool closing but all are excited about getting the project underway and completed.

HEALTH INSPECTION - there is an inspection done every month. This month we learned we need to fix the baby pool gate to self close as it was broken which Scott agreed to take lead on with an estimated cost of $25. Clear Blue will correct other deficiencies, one of which is a flow meter at an approx cost of $250, and algae growth which we did not discuss cost and should be minimum. Scott is confirming we have 2 fire extinguishers and if not will purchase a new one (one for the pump room and one for the pool house).

We discussed next year we would like to plan new or repair furniture, namely chairs as we have 2 tables we don't have enough chairs for.

ANNUAL MEETING - The annual meeting needs to be announced and we agreed to email and confirm the date of the annual meeting, most likely to occur Labor Day weekend 3 Sept 2012.

ELECTIONS for new board - The Election committee must be comprised of 3 Members with a Board Member as Chair. So far it looks like Scott, MA are in. We need to confirm Jakki will be a member and if not, Becky Anderson volunteered to be a member. Nikki will send out the dates (I believe we said 7/17 to solicit nominations, and 8/6 to receive nominations) to adhere to and agreed to post the information needed. Mary Ann will follow up to support as needed. This year we are looking for nominations for the opening positions for Tom Dill/Julie Zanotti, Mike Graham, Nikki Pierson, and Angela Merino.

Please send updates or corrections to the meeting minutes to Mary Ann Cox membership@pvrec.org

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Ann Cox

15 Jul 2012