Guest Passes

*Guests are not currently allowed at this time.* We will update if this changes in 2020. 2020 guest passes will be valid for 2021. Updated 7/7/20.

You can purchase guest passes by logging into your Wild Apricot account at and clicking on Store!

Fees include the 2.9% and $.30 PayPal transaction fees. Once you have purchased online, please send an email to and we will make sure you get your card/pass. To pay by check, drop off a check for $30 for 5 guest passes or $50 for 10 guest passes.

Individual guest passes are $10 at the guard desk.

Guests cannot be residents of the Pleasant Valley neighborhood per our bylaws, which can be found on the PVRA Bylaws tab. All guests 4 years or older require a guest pass.