2014-09-10 Minutes

Post date: Oct 5, 2014 11:29:45 PM

In attendance - Mary Ann Cox, Diane Regalbuto, Ron Smith, Doc King, Angela Merino, Becky Anderson, Renee Roberts, and the Fall Festival Committee: Becky and Trevor, Regina Reinecke, Jen Pendro,

PVRA 2014-2015 Board

  • Assignment of duties - tabled to Oct meeting

  • Meeting Nights - Tues or Thursday 7pm. I proposed Oct 9th (2nd Thursday) with next one at Fanfare

  • Filling the Open Board Slot - Angela is willing to do the books for now but after we discuss duties we can decide what to do

  • Password Changes - tabled to Oct meeting

Keys - MA needs to collect keys and give keys to Diane. She received Garrett's keys so all keys from PV and Marlins Swim Teams are in possession. Crystal will retain their keys

Annual Meeting - no discussion - do we make this the Oct meeting? And if so we need to announce

Season Re-Cap

  • General discussion things went well, discussed guard concerns on independent age to be at the pool and strengthening the swim test. Taylor the head guard sent follow up email with her suggestions

  • Crystal Performance - pleased with all efforts and maintenance costs came under budget.

  • Guard Performance - overall comments were very positive

  • Membership Feedback - Many Positive Comments about Events

  • Diving Well - Ambiguity on when it can be open for swimming vs diving - discussed this that the policy needs to be posted next year and it needs to be stated the guards balance the needs of all swimmers

  • End of Season Survey? - all in attendance provided suggestions and comments in email for James to update and send

Treasurer's Report - Angela presented a detailed review of the report. Overall we made up for the decline in membership with the concessions and lesser costs for maintenance

Membership Report - reviewed as part of the Treasurer's report. We also discussed possibilities of setting the price next year lower to attract or considering giving a rebate if we achieve higher numbers.

Committee for Review of Membership Options? - need further discussion in Oct, Nov and Dec. Members can pay electronically by month using the new Quikbooks

Operations Report

  • PVRA vs Crystal Closing Responsibilities - asked Crystal In email to add algaecide. Furniture has been removed from deck

  • Changing Locks - need to discuss in Oct. If we could afford to buy one set of locks with one key to reduce the number of keys it may be nice. Need to decide if we need to change the front door and pump room - may not since all keys are accounted for and we are retaining the mgmt. company

  • Grant Status & To Do’s - MA to file for reimbursement by 9/19

  • Off-Season Events - movie night Sat 9/13 8pm and Fall Festival Oct 25 3-5pm

  • October - Fall Festival - several in attendance - notes on the google site reflect the actions

  • November/December? - no plans as of yet

  • 2015 Jan - Mar ? - no plans as of yet

Walk ons - Renee came to discuss merge with PVNC. She is going to let us know the balance and costs associated with group (MA sent a separate email to Jan Miller and Renee after the meeting for a follow up)

Next meeting - need to discuss Taxes