2014-06-11 Minutes

Post date: Jul 7, 2014 6:08:25 PM

Board Members in Attendance: Tom Dill, Mary Anne Cox, Ron Smith, James Zenyuh, Doc King, Brent Anderson

Board Members not in Attendance: Angela Merino

Other Members in Attendance: Becky Anderson, Dan Bluntxer, Liz King

James provided a membership update. Current membership is in the mid150's which is below last year levels.

Brent provided an Operations update. The previous grass company has not yet been spoken to. Brent is working on setting up WiFi at the pool. Ron Smith will work on refreshing the paint on the handicap spots in the parking lot. Ron also indicated that the chair order was delayed but we should receive it in two weeks.

Becky Anderson provided a swim team update. We currently have 48 families on swim team. The Kravitz pizza party went well and time trials are the next swim team event.

The Board discussed event planning for July to include 4th of July activities; dinners by the pool every Friday; a movie night; a late night swim and the swim team end of season Banquet.

Brent Anderson put forward a motion to allow the cell tower company to move forward in the investigation of our land as a potential site for a cell tower and explained that this doesn't obligate us to move forward. James seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

An upgrade to the web server caused some problems with the check-in system. Tom is targeting the end of June to have it functional.