2014-03-12 Minutes

Post date: Jul 7, 2014 5:54:20 PM

Board Members in Attendance: Tom Dill, Brent Anderson, Mary Ann Cox, Ron Smith, Doc King

Board Members Absent: Angela Merino, James Zenyuh

Other Members in Attendance: Becky Anderson, Dan Bluntzer

Grant Update - We are waiting on the swim team for their contribution. We are ready to order chairs for the grant. Electrical work will include replacing GFI's for pool, replacing outside plugs with GFI's, light for basketball court, repairing mens rooms lights, replace guard room lights. The sidewalk repair is done except for powerwash of the wall.

Guards - Crystal Aquatics is still in the process of hiring guards.

Treasurer Report - 20 families to date have renewed their membership

A general discussion of pool opening ToDos & schedule occurred including:

  • Spring Clean Up

  • PVNC Yard Sale

  • Events Update - 4 movie nights; pot luck; 4th of july; labor day; pvnc bingo on 6/21

  • Survey results - more movie nights, more bingo, kid sized picnic table, punch cards - $10 cards; another tetherball; drainage tiles in bathroom

  • Potential All-Neighborhood Movie Night in May

  • next month - opening day list

Angela presented the 2014 budget. Mary Ann Cox presented a motion to accept the budget. Tom Dill seconded the motion and there was no opposition.