PVRA Halloween Pizza by - Click to Order by 10/28/14

Post date: Oct 4, 2014 11:11:00 AM

Halloween is one of the top five busiest days for pizza delivery (http://pizza.com/fun-facts) and you know this if you have every rushed home and tried to get one delivered before sending the kids out on a sugar-fueled night of candy panhandling. Additionally, pizza delivery on Halloween adds more cars to the neighborhood on a day we'd like to see fewer cars driving in the neighborhood. Lucky for you, we have a solution.PVRA is bringing back Halloween pizza delivery. Here's how it works - you pre-order a pie (or several) using Eventbrite and we will have it for you at the pool house for pickup from 5:00pm - 6:00pm on October 31. Pizza's will be available for $12.00 for a 16" cheese or pepperoni and $18 for a 16" gourmet (buffalo chicken, bacon cheeseburger, vegetarian, garlic spinach, greek, santa fe chicken, hawaiian, white, bbq chicken, margherita or all meat). You pay when you pick up the pizza.

This is open to the entire neighborhood so tell you friends and neighbors. Pizzas must be pre-ordered by 10/28/14.

So if you're a fan of pizza, stress-free Halloween and/or neighborhood safety, order yours today.