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2014-10-09 Minutes

posted Oct 11, 2014, 12:04 PM by PVRA Secretary
In attendance: Mary Ann Cox, Diane Regalbuto, Ron Smith, Tom Dill, Brent Anderson, James Zenyuh

Membership Discussion:
  • We need to get membership certs out.
  • Possible Escalating Family Charges:
    • $300 in Jan
    • $350 in Feb 
    • $400 in march
    • $475 in April
  • Discussed potential for non-shareholder memberships
  • James will bring a spreadsheet next month for what if scenarios
  • Potential Single membership changes to 18
  • Potential Couple changes to include single-parent homes
Discussed other revenue ideas/memebrship benefits:
  • Tennis lessons 
  • Boot camp
  • Use back lot for gardening

Brent will put up a cable to prevent people from driving in the back with a sign with our email address

Operations Update:
  • Brent will winterize after oct 25
  • New lounges 
  • Replace Hot water heater 
  • Need to fix the girls room
  • Grant 2016 app will be due next July.  Potential ideas:
    •  parking lot
    • expanded deck area to cover grassy area
    • Can we move our fence along cub run towards the street?
Events ideas:
  • Bungalow billiards - pool night
  • Wrap Christmas presents for $, pics with Santa
  • Diane will come next month with some ideas
  • Brent will look at offering a electronic Recycling day - offer time for people to bring times down at a cost - tv computers phones etc - line it up with the yard sale