Meeting Minutes

2014-10-09 Minutes

posted Oct 11, 2014, 12:04 PM by PVRA Secretary

In attendance: Mary Ann Cox, Diane Regalbuto, Ron Smith, Tom Dill, Brent Anderson, James Zenyuh

Membership Discussion:
  • We need to get membership certs out.
  • Possible Escalating Family Charges:
    • $300 in Jan
    • $350 in Feb 
    • $400 in march
    • $475 in April
  • Discussed potential for non-shareholder memberships
  • James will bring a spreadsheet next month for what if scenarios
  • Potential Single membership changes to 18
  • Potential Couple changes to include single-parent homes
Discussed other revenue ideas/memebrship benefits:
  • Tennis lessons 
  • Boot camp
  • Use back lot for gardening

Brent will put up a cable to prevent people from driving in the back with a sign with our email address

Operations Update:
  • Brent will winterize after oct 25
  • New lounges 
  • Replace Hot water heater 
  • Need to fix the girls room
  • Grant 2016 app will be due next July.  Potential ideas:
    •  parking lot
    • expanded deck area to cover grassy area
    • Can we move our fence along cub run towards the street?
Events ideas:
  • Bungalow billiards - pool night
  • Wrap Christmas presents for $, pics with Santa
  • Diane will come next month with some ideas
  • Brent will look at offering a electronic Recycling day - offer time for people to bring times down at a cost - tv computers phones etc - line it up with the yard sale

2014-09-10 Minutes

posted Oct 5, 2014, 4:29 PM by PVRA Secretary   [ updated Oct 11, 2014, 11:56 AM ]

In attendance - Mary Ann Cox, Diane Regalbuto, Ron Smith, Doc King, Angela Merino, Becky Anderson, Renee Roberts, and the Fall Festival Committee: Becky and Trevor, Regina Reinecke, Jen Pendro,

PVRA 2014-2015 Board
  • Assignment of duties - tabled to Oct meeting
  • Meeting Nights - Tues or Thursday 7pm.  I proposed Oct 9th (2nd Thursday) with next one at Fanfare
  • Filling the Open Board Slot - Angela is willing to do the books  for now but after we discuss duties we can decide what to do
  • Password Changes - tabled to Oct meeting
Keys - MA needs to collect keys and give keys to Diane.  She received Garrett's keys so all keys from PV and Marlins Swim Teams are in possession.  Crystal will retain their keys

Annual Meeting - no discussion - do we make this the Oct meeting?  And if so we need to announce

Season Re-Cap
  • General discussion things went well, discussed guard concerns on independent age to be at the pool and strengthening the swim test.  Taylor the head guard sent follow up email with her suggestions
  • Crystal Performance - pleased with all efforts and maintenance costs came under budget.
  • Guard Performance - overall comments were very positive
  • Membership Feedback - Many Positive Comments about Events
  • Diving Well  - Ambiguity on when it can be open for swimming vs diving - discussed this that the policy needs to be posted next year and it needs to be stated the guards balance the needs of all swimmers
  • End of Season Survey? - all in attendance provided suggestions and comments in email for James to update and send
Treasurer's Report - Angela presented a detailed review of the report.  Overall we made up for the decline in membership with the concessions and lesser costs for maintenance
Membership Report - reviewed as part of the Treasurer's report.  We also discussed possibilities of setting the price next year lower to attract or considering giving a rebate if we achieve higher numbers.

Committee for Review of Membership Options? - need further discussion in Oct, Nov and Dec.  Members can pay electronically by month using the new Quikbooks

Operations Report
  • PVRA vs Crystal Closing Responsibilities - asked Crystal In email to add algaecide.  Furniture has been removed from deck
  • Changing Locks - need to discuss in Oct.  If we could afford to buy one set of locks with one key to reduce the number of keys it may be nice.  Need to decide if we need to change the front door and pump room - may not since all keys are accounted for and we are retaining the mgmt. company
  • Grant Status & To Do’s - MA to file for reimbursement by 9/19
  • Off-Season Events - movie night Sat 9/13  8pm and Fall Festival Oct 25 3-5pm
  • October - Fall Festival - several in attendance - notes on the google site reflect the actions
  • November/December? - no plans as of yet
  • 2015 Jan - Mar ? - no plans as of yet
Walk ons - Renee came to discuss merge with PVNC.  She is going to let us know the balance and costs associated with group (MA sent a separate email to Jan Miller and Renee after the meeting for a follow up)
Next meeting - need to discuss Taxes

2014-06-11 Minutes

posted Jul 7, 2014, 11:08 AM by PVRA Secretary

Board Members in Attendance: Tom Dill, Mary Anne Cox, Ron Smith, James Zenyuh, Doc King, Brent Anderson
Board Members not in Attendance: Angela Merino
Other Members in Attendance: Becky Anderson, Dan Bluntxer, Liz King

James provided a membership update.  Current membership is in the mid150's which is below last year levels.

Brent provided an Operations update.  The previous grass company has not yet been spoken to.  Brent is working on setting up WiFi at the pool.  Ron Smith will work on refreshing the paint on the handicap spots in the parking lot.  Ron also indicated that the chair order was delayed but we should receive it in two weeks.

Becky Anderson provided a swim team update.  We currently have 48 families on swim team.  The Kravitz pizza party went well and time trials are the next swim team event.

The Board discussed event planning for July to include 4th of July activities; dinners by the pool every Friday; a movie night; a late night swim and the swim team end of season Banquet.

Brent Anderson put forward a motion to allow the cell tower company to move forward in the investigation of our land as a potential site for a cell tower and explained that this doesn't obligate us to move forward. James seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

An upgrade to the web server caused some problems with the check-in system.  Tom is targeting the end of June to have it functional.

2014-03-12 Minutes

posted Jul 7, 2014, 10:54 AM by PVRA Secretary

Board Members in Attendance: Tom Dill, Brent Anderson, Mary Ann Cox, Ron Smith, Doc King
Board Members Absent: Angela Merino, James Zenyuh
Other Members in Attendance: Becky Anderson, Dan Bluntzer

Grant Update - We are waiting on the swim team for their contribution.  We are ready to order chairs for the grant. Electrical work will include replacing GFI's for pool, replacing outside plugs with GFI's, light for basketball court, repairing mens rooms lights, replace guard room lights.  The sidewalk repair is done except for powerwash of the wall.

Guards - Crystal Aquatics is still in the process of hiring guards.

Treasurer Report - 20 families to date have renewed their membership

A general discussion of pool opening ToDos & schedule occurred including:

  • Spring Clean Up
  • PVNC Yard Sale
  • Events Update - 4 movie nights; pot luck; 4th of july; labor day; pvnc bingo on 6/21
  • Survey results - more movie nights, more bingo, kid sized picnic table, punch cards - $10 cards; another tetherball; drainage tiles in bathroom
  • Potential All-Neighborhood Movie Night in May
  • next month - opening day list

Angela presented the 2014 budget.  Mary Ann Cox presented a motion to accept the budget.  Tom Dill seconded the motion and there was no opposition.

2014-02-12 Minutes

posted Jul 7, 2014, 10:44 AM by PVRA Secretary

Board Member in Attendance: Mary Ann Cox, Ron Smith, James Zenyuh, Doc King, Brent Anderson
Others in Attendance: Dan Bluntzer, Liz King, Becky Anderson
Board Members Absent: Tom Dill, Angela Merino

Brent Anderson will contact the cell tower company and ask them to attend the March Board meeting.

Mary Ann Cox presented a motion to spend $1000 in furniture purchases and repairs which was seconded by Ron Smith and with no opposition.  Ron will reach out to the furniture company to purchase 16 green resin chairs and rest rap two lounges.

Mary Ann Cox is developing a survey to be sent to the current membership to help generate ideas and drive priorities for the upcoming season.

The Board brainstormed the following mid and long term projects:

WISH LIST as of Feb 2014 
Improvement/Repair Item  Timeline  Estimated Cost  Notes 
no slip grip take for bathroom  future 
sport court paint (wall ball, piranha, games)  future  good for a service project 
Koala tables  2014  $300.00  girls bathroom only 
wall ball materials  future  not sure what this is 
basketball/pool type game (climbing wall)  future  $2,000.00 
lumber for pavillion  future 
resurface tennis court or repurpose  future 
repave parking lot  5 years  $20,000.00  Need to check Julie's quote and plan a set aside each year 
repair/replace fence  future  Need to see where repairs are needed 
install new fence gate between grassy area and diving board (request by the swim team)  future  $300.00  Swim team has backed off request 
pool cover  3 years  $10,000.00  Need to plan a set aside each year 
resurface main pool by 2016-2017  2016/2017  $23,000.00  check with Angela on last price 
pool motor and pump  2014/2015  $2,000.00  need to be ready to replace if needed 
volleyball court clean up w/gate and footwash  2014  $1,300.00  Scout project - Estimated $900 for Phase I and $400 for Phase 2 with Phase 2 being a patio area with chairs 

Covered by 2013 Grant 
light fixtures over vanity mens room 

The Board discussed March PVNC newsletter submissions to include:
  • Spring Clean-Up Weekends on April 26-27 and April 5-6
  • Ask for items for the PVNC yard sale
  • Repeat membership rates and discount announcement
James Zenyuh provided a membership update.  Several questions have come through about membership elgibility for family vs single memberships and comments about high costs for some membership categories.  Marketing campaigns were discussed and will include brochures distributed to Gate Post and East Gate neighborhoods based on costs, using the lawn signs within Pleasant Valley, business cards at Cub Run and potentially Craigs List.

The status of the Fairfax County grant was discussed.  Mary Ann will follow-up with a status report.  Ron Smith will look at the stands to determine which ones need to be replaced and recycling an old refrigerator.

Operations report - Nothing to report other than pool levels are still being lowered.

Brent Andserson presented a motion to move our Qucikbooks online for 3 users at the cost of $250 per year.  The motion was seconded by James and carried unanimously.

Brent Anderson made a motion to allow the swim team to pay $500 annually in order to use the pool’s tax ID.  The motion was seconded by James and carried unanimously. 


posted Feb 4, 2014, 5:01 AM by PVRA Secretary

2014-01-08 Minutes

posted Jan 16, 2014, 4:44 PM by PVRA Secretary

Regular Meeting of the Pleasant Valley Recreation Association Board of Directors
January 8, 2014
Chantilly Bible Church

Board In Attendance - Doc King, James Zenyuh, Brent Anderson, Mary Ann Cox, Tom Dill, Angela Merino
Others In Attendance - Liz King
Board Not In Attendance - Ron Smith 

Crystal Aquatics made the proposed changes to the management contract.  Tom Dill made a motion to accept Crystal Aquatics's proposal for managing our pool.  The motion was seconded by Brent Anderson and unanimously accepted.

Angela Merino presented the Treasurer Report.  The are no material changes from December.

The Board discussed the 2014 dues structure and modifying the Dormancy Fee to be an Access Privilege.  The Access Privilege would allow a family of up to four people the ability to use the pool on Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day plus four additional days of their choosing.  If there were more than four people in the household, guest passes would be needed for the additional people on those seven days.  For members, the Access Privilege would allow a member to remain a member in good standing as the dormancy fee has in previous years.  The cost of the Access Privilege would be $150 if paid before April 15 and $250 if paid April 16 or beyond.  A motion was presented by Mary Ann Cox to keep the 2013 pricing structure , modify the Dormancy Fee to an Access Privilege and increase the cost of guest passes to $5 per pass.  The motion was seconded by Brent Anderson and unanimously accepted.  

The Board briefly discussed the invoicing process.  Invoices will be distributed in January and an invoice will be sent to all Pleasant Valley residents encouraging, at a minimum, paying the Access Privilege.

2014 Event Planning - Tabled to February.

Furniture Purchase - Not sure if furniture was ordered yet.  Tabled to February.

Swim Team Tax ID - The Board is interested in Swim team's proposal to combine organizations but some questions remain.  Mary Ann will contact our insurance agent to understand any insurance implications.  James will do some research on the implications and difficulty in combining organizations based on our respective corporate structures.

In order to ease the payment of certain bills, Mary Ann will contact the bank and get a debit card for the Association's checking account.

Angela Merino presented an analysis of weekday pool attendance prior to the end of the school year.  Pool attendance is virtually zero until approximately 3:00pm Monday - Friday.  Additionally, schools generally do not let out until 2:30pm on those days. The Board will change the pool opening time from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, Monday - Friday until the end of the school with the exception of Memorial Day.  Pool opening times will remain 11:00am after school is no longer in session.

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